Math Resources

Artman Elementary has adopted a new math curriculum!  The program is Envision Math Common Core by Pearson Education.

This program meets the standards of the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Envision Math is a 4-Part lesson plan that is very hands-on and engaging for the students and teachers.

Part 1 is a brief Daily Common Core Review

  • This is a quick review of prior skills taught.

Part 2 is Developing the Concept: Interactive

  • Engages the students by tapping into their prior knowledge
  • Allows students to solve and discuss a problem
  • Makes the important math explicit
  • Deepens understanding

Part 3 is Develop the Concept: Visual

  • The Visual Learning Bridge allows the teacher to vary questioning strategies to focus on the

most important mathematical concept.

  • Teacher directed guided practice
  • Independent practice

Part 4 is Close/Assess and Differentiate

  • This involves a Quick Check of the concept
  • Leveled Homework
  • Differentiated Learning Centers

There is a very nice home-school technology connection with this program.  The website is      Please contact your child’s teacher for instructions on how to log on to this website!!

We are confident that the rigor of the new curriculum will enhance and expand the students’ mathematical ability!


Just the Facts

Just the Facts is a monthly math fact calendar that has weekly math facts.  The students hear the facts each morning during announcements and have them posted in their classroom to refer to daily.  The facts can be word names for the number, the actual number, basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or words with definitions.

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