Each parent/guardian is asked to pay a $25 Technology Usage Fee at the start of each school year from grades 4-7. The reason for this is to offset the cost of the Chromebook and repairs. The Fee for any student who qualifies for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program will be $5 or $10, respectively.

As part of the DMS/IES 1:1 Program, which is different from the HHS 1:1 program, manufacturer defects and accidental damage to Chromebooks will be repaired by the district. Intentional Damage or Lost/Stolen Chromebooks are not covered. An example of intentional damage is a student picking the keys off of the keyboard and would result in the replacement of the keyboard at a cost of $15-$35 depending on the model Chromebook.  

If your students’ Chromebook would be lost or stolen, we will provide a loaner for up to two weeks to allow the student time to locate the Chromebook. If it is not located within those two weeks, the student would be responsible for the replacement cost, which can range anywhere from $50-$250, again depending on the Chromebook model issued.

Payments can be made either via the invoice generated in the School District Online Store beginning on August 1st, or by bringing a check or cash to the DMS Main Office starting August 8th through August 26th. Please note that there is a transaction fee to use the Online Store.