Ionta Elementary School

Welcome to Karen A. Ionta Elementary School! The Ionta Elementary building is for students entering into grades 4 and 5. We believe at Ionta Elementary that learning is a mutually shared process between the home, school, and community. The staff at Ionta Elementary is committed to developing the necessary skills, talents, and character within all students so that each child may have the opportunity develop to their fullest, become effective learners, and grow into responsible, productive caring citizens.

The academic curriculum is designed to stimulate and promote intellectual growth within all students. The professional teaching staff at Ionta Elementary has recently completed an extensive curriculum mapping project that is directly aligned with the Pennsylvania academic standards. In addition to establishing a rigorous academic curriculum program, we also recognize the importance of creating a healthy, orderly, safe, and secure environment in order to protect and safeguard the general welfare of all children. Our teachers and students are proud to work together in establishing a culture of Readiness, Respect and Responsibility.

Communication between school and home will always be a crucial component to the academic success and emotional development of our students. When it comes to our children, there are no issues too minuscule. As always, the Ionta Elementary staff is willing to provide your child with the best academic experience possible.

Please do not hesitate to call regarding any questions or concerns that you may have at any time. School hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and we can be reached at (724) 981 – 8750 ext. 3002.


Eric W. Trosch


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