Title I

Schoolwide Title 1 Programs

Artman Elementary and Ionta Elementary are Schoolwide Title I schools.

A Schoolwide Title 1 Program is a way of delivering Title 1 services that allows the school to address the educational needs of all students in a school community. Previously, Title 1 services were only used to target at risk students. In the Schoolwide model, Title 1 services can provide comprehensive strategies for improving the entire school such that every student can achieve at high levels of academic proficiency.

At Hermitage School District, parents, families and community members are welcome and  invit- ed to be vital partners in the education of our students. We believe that active parent/family/ community involvement is essential and is a shared responsibility for the success of each and every student.  Hermitage School District intends to include all parents/families in all aspects of the school’s Title I program. Our goal is a school-home partnership that will help all students to succeed.

Having a Schoolwide Title 1 Program allows us the opportunity to combine Title 1 funds with other federal, state, and local money to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school. Schoolwide programs serve all children in a school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those students most in need. This purpose is achieved through:

  • High quality instruction
  • Comprehensive reform strategies and methods that are based on the use of scientifically based research
  • Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development
  • Consolidated use of funds

Components of a Title I Schoolwide Program

  • A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school is conducted.
  • School wide reform strategies provide opportunities for all children to meet the State’s performance standards.
  • Instruction is conducted by a highly qualified staff.
  • Professional development is conducted on a continual basis throughout the year.
  • Activities are conducted to increase parent involvement.
  • Plans are included to provide transitional assistance from pre-school to elementary, from elementary to middle school, and from middle school to high school.
  • Measures are taken to include teachers in decisions about assessment.


Nanci Hosick, Director of Curriculum/Instructionnhosick@hermitagesd.net
Eric Trosch, Principal, Ionta Elementary & Delahunty Middleetrosch@hermitagesd.net
Andrew Kemper, Principal, Artman Elementaryakemper@hermitagesd.net
Beth Stefano, Instructional Coach, Math & Reading, K-2bstefano@hermitagesd.net
Joe Bender, Instructional Coach, Math & Reading, 3-5jbender@hermitagesd.net

What Can I Do as a Parent?

Parents, staff and the larger community have key parts to play in a Schoolwide Title I Program. We invite you to attend Title I Parent Meetings held throughout the school year to hear information about our Schoolwide Title I program. You will also learn you can share your ideas and make suggestions in the review and revision process of the Title I Schoolwide Plan using the feedback form provided through the link found in this newsletter, completing the Parent Survey through the link found in this newsletter and also during monthly School Advisory Council (PTO) meetings. You are also invited to visit the Title I Support Page for information on Title I schools and ways to be involved with your child’s school success. Be sure to check out our school’s Parent & Family Engagement Policy, School/Parent Compact, Transition Plan and Parents “Right to Know” on our Hermitage School District website. You are encouraged to submit feedback and suggestions to your school principal.

  • Please share a love of learning and set a good example by reading, practicing math facts, playing with money (identify coins/make change), writing letters and lists, etc.
  • Make learning fun by playing educational games and listening to and talking with your child.
  • Show an interest in your child’s school day by asking specific questions and praising effort and improvement.
  • Students and their families will be notified directly from Mr. D’Angelo or the student’s teacher if the student will receive extra support.
  • We welcome your feedback and ideas about our Schoolwide Title 1 Program.

Schoolwide Goals from Building Comprehensive Plans

Artman Elementary and Ionta Elementary Schools all are focused on raising student achievement in reading and math. The indicators for success will be the percentage of students that are proficient or advanced on the Math and ELA Star Test for grades 3-5. DIBELS Reading and Math will be the instruments used to measure proficiency in grades K-5.

Goal 1: There is a focus on student academic growth and achievement for all tested areas. This goal is supported by tiered inter- ventions delivered in-class and/or pull-out support for students performing below grade level on title 1 assessments.

Goal 2: Teachers will use a blended learning approach that allows for a formal guided math and guided reading block in an at- tempt to maximize instructional practices on students’ levels. Blended Learning strategies will be utilized as a tool to engage in- class and online learners in their lessons.

Goal 3:  Student centered supports will be established through the Student Assistance Program and the School-wide Positive Be- havior Supports will result in fewer discipline issues and decrease class disruptions.

The action plan steps to reach these goals include:

  1. Professional development training for teachers on Blended Learning strategies
  2. Realignment of weekly curriculum based assessments.
  3. Data team analysis.
  4. Align Title I, ATP, and SAP support services.
  5. Implement flexible, multi-tiered interventions for reading and math as part of the Schoolwide Title 1 Program

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